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Microscopy from Signal Processing Perspective

In this lecture, I tried to piece together essential ideas required to understand image formation in a modern microscope - by thinking about the microscope as a signal processing system. Transformation of the art of microscopy into 'quantitative science' was accelerated after Abbe developed theory of image formation in 1870s. Abbe's theory is naturally described in the language of Fourier analysis and synthesis.  To illustrate his theory, Abbe developed a diffraction kit that allows the user to dissect the imaging process in the microscope. Zeiss is developing a modern version of the diffraction kit, which I could loan for this lecture. Thanks to Chris Rieken and others at Zeiss for facilitating the loan of the diffraction kit. Thanks to Prof. Jay Tang  for the opportunity to present this during his course.

The lecture consisted of discussion of basic ideas and live demos to illustrate the ideas. Unfortunately, I didn't document the demos with images or video, but intend to do so in future when we get our own diffraction kit.
Shalin Mehta,
Apr 19, 2012, 8:36 AM