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Microscopy Talks @ MBI

Tutorial talks on Imaging cellular morphology: present and future at Mechanobiology Institute (MBI)’s microscopy workshops.

 Part-1 (19 Nov 2010) 

In majority of the microscopic analyses, imaging of cellular morphology provides an important context for interpretation of molecular information acquired from fluorescent labels. In situations that preclude the introduction of contrast agents, imaging of cellular morphology is our window to the cellular dynamics. In the first part of this two-part tutorial series, common optical principles that underlie a range of phase imaging methods will be reviewed. We will discuss in detail the most frequently used methods of phase contrast and differential interference contrast. We shall examine their optical principles, causes of artifacts, practical alignment, and possibilities for quantitative analysis.

Part-2 (26 Nov 2010) 

Building up on the basics of the previous talk, we will highlight a few other morphological imaging methods (old and new) with emphasis on quantitative measurement of biological processes. The methods to be highlighted are: dark-field, holography, reflection interference contrast, phase-shifting in DIC and phase-shifting in phase-contrast. We will also discuss a method of imaging morphology based purely on asymmetric illumination (called asymmetric illumination-based differential phase contrast, or AIDPC in short) that we are developing. AIDPC is a simple-to-implement method for quantitative imaging of phase information that can overcome the artifacts present in phase-contrast and DIC.