Shalin Mehta, Platform Leader.

Shalin Mehta

Shalin Mehta received his Ph.D. at the National University of Singapore, focusing on optics and biological microscopy. His Ph.D. research led to better mathematical models and novel approaches for label-free imaging of cellular morphology. He then joined the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, where he developed novel imaging and computational methods for detecting molecular order across a range of scales in living systems. He built an instantaneous fluorescence polarization microscope that revealed the dynamics of molecular assemblies by tracking the orientation and position of single molecules in live cells. At CZ Biohub, his lab seeks to measure physical properties of biological systems with increasing precision, resolution, and throughput by exploiting diverse light-matter interactions and algorithms. His recent work has been covered by MBL news, University of Chicago news, Gizmodo, BioTechniques, Optics & Photonics News, and Human Frontier Science Program.
email: shalin <dot> mehta <at> czbiohub <dot> org
twitter: @mattersoflight, Google ScholarLinkedIn  

Lab members

Syuan-Ming Guo, R&D Engineer II.
Syuan-Ming Guo obtained his Ph.D. at MIT, where he focused on the development of novel image processing and analysis algorithms for extracting dynamics of biological molecules from fluorescence microscopy data. His work led to a framework for unbiased evaluation of competing hypotheses for the physical process responsible for observed fluorescence fluctuations (  As a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, he developed a fast DNA-based multiplexed cell imaging assay to reveal sub-types of neuronal synapses ( As a member of Computational Microscopy Platform at CZ Biohub, Syuan-Ming will develop computational imaging approaches for retrieval of physical properties of organelles and cells, as well as for analysis of virus lifecycle in host cells. 
email: syuan-ming <dot> guo <at> czbiohub <dot> org

Bryant Chhun, R&D Engineer II (jointly with Data Science Platform)
I’m an engineer who has worked on a bunch microscopy projects  for the past 15-ish years.  Most recently, I worked at the small diagnostics startup Singular Bio, where I built a single-molecule based imaging platform for cell free DNA  detection and analysis.  Before that I worked for about 4 years at Zeiss Microscopy supporting their super-resolution microscopy efforts in North America, which was  somewhat an extension of my work with Mats Gustafsson and Bo Huang in the  UCSF Biophysics program doing super-res SIM and STORM microscopy.   Today, I’m very interested in working at the frontier of microscopy especially  with regards to super-resolution, deep learning applications, training or inference in edge devices, data/model compression, or extraction of contextual information  using pose estimation (in the context of cells??). 
email: Bryant <dot> Chhun <at> czbiohub <dot> org

Ivan Ivanov, R&D Engineer II.
I aim to develop new microscopy tools for dissecting the life cycle of viruses. I am also currently wrapping up my PhD in Zev Bryant’s Lab at Stanford University. During my PhD, I developed multimodal single-molecule biophysical methods that I used to study the structural dynamics of biological macromolecules. I received my B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. There I worked in the Camesano Lab on studying how bacterial membrane proteins and polysaccharides contribute to pathogen adhesion to surfaces and host tissues. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing and playing tennis. 
email: Ivan <dot> Ivanov <at> czbiohub <dot> org

Li-Hao Yeh, R&D Engineer II.
I obtained my PhD with Prof. Laura Waller at UC Berkeley in computational imaging, a concept of jointly designing imaging systems and optimization algorithms for efficient information extraction. During my PhD, I developed a Scotch tape based super-resolution imaging technique for imaging phase and fluorescence with high throughput. In the Computational Microscopy Platform at CZ Biohub, I aim to develop and deploy label-free and fluorescence computational imaging technologies to map 3D order across biological scales. Outside of work, I love playing badminton and hiking.
email: lihao <dot> yeh <at> czbiohub <dot> org


Andrew Chen, Summer Intern, UC Berkeley.
Lienna Chan, Summer Intern, UC Berkeley.
Medha Somayaji, Summer Intern, UC Berkeley.

Former members

 WhoFormerly  Now at
 Elliot Mount R&D Engineer I
System1 Bioscience
 Jaehee Park Contract Engineer Ramona Optics