Shalin Mehta, Platform Leader.

Shalin Mehta

Mehta received his Ph.D. at the National University of Singapore, where he worked on optics and biological microscopy. His thesis research led to better mathematical models and novel approaches for imaging cellular morphology. As a postdoctoral fellow and staff scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mehta developed novel imaging and computational methods for detecting molecular order across a range of scales in living systems. He built an instantaneous fluorescence polarization microscope that revealed the dynamics of molecular assemblies by tracking the orientation and position of single molecules in live cells. At CZ Biohub, Mehta and his team seek to measure physical properties of biological systems with increasing precision, resolution, and throughput. His recent work has been covered by MBL news, University of Chicago news, Gizmodo, BioTechniques, Optics & Photonics News, and Human Frontier Science Program.
email: shalin <dot> mehta <at> czbiohub <dot> org
twitter: @mattersoflight, Google ScholarLinkedIn  


Syuan-Ming Guo, R&D Engineer II.
Syuan-Ming Guo obtained his Ph.D. at MIT, where he focused on the development of novel image processing and analysis algorithms for extracting dynamics of biological molecules from fluorescence microscopy data. His work led to a framework for unbiased evaluation of competing hypotheses for the physical process responsible for observed fluorescence fluctuations (  As a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, he developed a fast DNA-based multiplexed cell imaging assay to reveal sub-types of neuronal synapses ( As a member of Advanced Optical Microscopy Platform at CZ Biohub, Syuan-Ming will develop computational imaging approaches for retrieval of physical properties of organelles and cells, as well as for analysis of virus lifecycle in host cells. 
email: syuan-ming <dot> guo <at> czbiohub <dot> org


Andrew Chen, QB3 Intern, UC Berkeley
Andrew Chen is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Statistics and Molecular & Cellular Biology. At the Bryolab (UC Berkeley), he worked on the California Plant Phylodiversity Project and other phylogenetic projects. As an intern at CZ Biohub, Andrew will study the physical properties of viral inclusion bodies using various microscopy methods in collaboration with Amy Kistler's group in the Infectious Diseases program.
email: andrew <dot> chen <at> czbiohub <dot> org

Bryant Chhun, Contract R&D Engineer (jointly with Loic Royer's lab)

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