Shalin Mehta
Shalin Mehta
Platform Leader, Advanced Optical Microscopy,
499 Illinois Street, 4th floor, 
San Francisco, CA 94404.

email: shalin <dot> mehta <at> czbiohub <dot> org
twitter: @mattersoflight

I develop microscopes and computational algorithms to visualize invisible biological processes. At Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, my group will develop integrated imaging and computational platforms and participate in Cell Atlas project, Infectious Diseases project, and other collaborative initiatives. 

Our interdisciplinary research spans fields of optics, signal processing, and biophysics. We focus on developing methods for robust measurement of architecture of biological assemblies across multiple scales. Before CZ Biohub, my research at Marine Biological Laboratory led to development of polarization-based imaging methods that reveal orientation and position of single molecules and their ensembles. 

Here is my publication profile on Google Scholar, and my LinkedIn profile. My recent work has been covered by MBL news, University of Chicago news, Gizmodo, BioTechniquesOptics & Photonics News, and Human Frontier Science Program.