Shalin Mehta, PhD
    I am Assistant Research Scientist at Marine Biological Laboratory. 
    I have been fascinated by variety of signals, viz (in reverse chronological order) 
     * cellular dynamics as imaged with optical microscopes (PhD and postdoctoral efforts).
     * radar (design work at Defense R&D Organization, India)
     * speech (Research fellowship at IIT Bombay)
     * channel waveforms for high capacity communication (Masters thesis)

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I enjoy thinking about biological processes as intriguing signals that we decipher with help of microscopes and biochemical techniques. Currently, I work at Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) on polarized light microscopy. My hosts are Rudolf Oldenbourg and Tomomi Tani at Cellular Dynamics Program of MBL and we collaborate extensively with researchers at and outside of MBL. My position is supported by the Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship (CDF, year: 2011) from Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) and National Institute of Health (NIH) grants to my mentors. The abstract of my fellowship project is available here.

I enjoy drawing on ideas from different fields to 'work the problem'. I have worked in and continue to take interest in following fields:
Mathematics: linear algebra, Fourier theory, phase-space transforms
Physics: optics, light-matter interaction
Engineering: optical engineering, imaging systems, digital signal and image processing, electronics,  live cell imaging
Biology (thanks to the excellent collaborators who continue to educate me):  cytoskeletal dynamics, cell division.