I am Assistant Research Scientist at Marine Biological Laboratory. My interests lie at the intersection of light microscopy, signal processing, and biophysics. I enjoy thinking about biological processes as spatio-temporal signals that we decipher with help of microscopes and biochemical techniques.

During my PhD with Colin Sheppard, I developed quantitative high-resolution phase imaging methods for label-free microscopy. 

During my postdoctoral work in the laboratories of Rudolf Oldenbourg and Tomomi Tani, supported by Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP), I have developed novel imaging approaches that reveal molecular alignment of cytoskeletal polymers beyond the resolution limit of the light microscope. To do so, we utilize polarization of light. 

Presence of dynamic polymeric structures (such as DNA, membrane, cytoskeleton, extracellular matrix) functioning at the expense of chemical energy distinguishes life from death. Combining my expertise in quantitative imaging with Jonathan Gitlin's mentorship, I have recently begun to investigate how cellular architecture may be preserved even when cellular energy production is disrupted. We use fascinating ability of the zebrafish embryos to survive without oxygen as a model physiological response to answer this question.